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You may have noticed something a little different about my blog. Or my social medias. After some thought I’ve decided to change the branding of this blog from Beth Rose Read (a bad pun thought up on the spur of the moment) to Nocturne Books. 



The name came from a few places – I’ve always loved the sharp soft feel of it, and the way it so perfectly captures the idea of a dark night or a deep twilight. The song Nocturne, originally by Secret Garden and beautifully covered by Celtic Woman was also an inspiration. And let’s not forget it’s wonderfully magic connotations thanks to the Harry Potter series. For me it really encompasses everything deep and magical – just the thing I want to explore on this blog.

Also the domain was available 😅

Though if you were a fan of the OG blog, rest assured that the content will continue to be of questionable quality, even if the aesthetics improve.

Much love and happy reading!

nocturne logoi

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